Our Success Stories

Polli Progoti Shahayak Samity is a service oriented welfare organization of the country. Shanewaz Begum one of the member of this organization. Shanewaz Begum observed the activities of our Urban.Micro Credit office of at alipur , Faridpur town. Many a men of her areas took loan from PPSSS Urban office and generating income enjoying better life. This being an example Shanewaz was inspired and got her 1st loan Tk.3000/- from Palli Progoti Shahayak Samity’s Urban office on 30th May 2006 as an admitted member of MAINA MOTI Mohila Samity.She did a lot of success by this amount .At his cottage he taught idle neighbored the technical knowhow of making Vanity Bags necessitating demand and fascination of common people ,standard and attractive colorful Bags, displayed at his compositions space of own residence disposing finished product at cheaper rate.Taking in view of steady demand she felt the necessity of capital and taking further loan from PPSS she extended her business. Till date we extended our financial cooperation up to the amount of the TK. 70,000/=.Now she leads a life with full social dignity free from poverty ,looking forward she has well planned family 2 children goes to school regularly ,lives in a Pacca Building furnished by modern facilities and she reposes good faith on our organization ,Palli Progoti Shahayak Samity.She made several types of vanity Bags, and supplies in the local market. By her pragmative cost consciousness and strenuous effort manufactured   goods  ,price seems to have been lower, consequently, less income people prefers her product. Sahnewaz’s anticipation is to display her product in a central market place for wide circulation. Earning  good will, stretching our marketability out  side Faridpur too. Employment of idle poor peoples, economic development to lead a better life is her best motto. Palli Progoti Shahayak Samity is more confident of her more success assuring required help.



Another Success Stories


Sultana Begum is now well known to the people of Bilmamudpur village due to her improvement and abrupt change in life style augmenting income generation. At her early age she had to marry with Murad Sheikh according to father’s decision to get relief from her maintenance. Her village was about  2 k.m. off  from Palli Progoti Shahayak Samity’s unit office Baitul Aman. Due to financial exigency they could not manage 2 square meals have to live in a thatched shelter. As a matter of living support being women Sultana Begum compelled to seek financial assurance/source of any so that she can earn money and survive. She had the opportunity to meet with field officer and manager of Palli Progoti Shahayak Samity’s unit at Baitul Aman. In discussion and practice of many group members she was convinced and got admission as one of the member of ‘Bandhan Mohila Samity’ in the year 1999 though her husband Murad Sheikh was not agreed .Murad Sheikh was a low paid sales man of a Grocery shop at their locality, wife Sultana took her 1st loan Tk. 5,000/- from the unit and started a fruits shop by the side of a road. The shop was run by Murad Sheikh and Duck Hen rearing by Sultana by her household capacity. Paying off loan’s weekly installment surplus money in hand lies and both they increase investment. Considering their growth in business PPSS provides 2nd loan Tk. 10,000/- to Sultana Begum. Business volume increases enjoying profit and economic solvency induce them to a better life. Sultana Begum gave birth to 2 children, children’s proper maintenance health and care of education is being done. Fruit’s shop develops day by day, in a year its capital and stores value increases 3 times shops size, transaction, liabilities as well as responsibility increases and Sultana Begum had to employ working hand and creates employment opportunity in her shop.From the inception till date 12 years passed within the left out period she formed her savings habit and purchased one Bigha Land. Her change in livelihood is caused by her up and doing ness and savings habit.Sultana Begum maintain small family, enjoys sanitation facility, take share in social activities encourages others to be like her to win poverty. Securing economic solvency and self-reliance she has got in decision making council of forum in her area. Her motto is to expand volume of business, employ of good member of workers to solve unemployment problem.

She now believes education is key note of development and thinks now to improve her village schools students strength and to introduce standard education. She follows guideline given by PPSS staff and keeps them informed about problems in her locality. She participates in meeting, training, observes national days and principle with sincerity and eagerness. She expressed her heartfelt gratitude to PPSS’s contribution and inspiration. Palli Progoti Shahayak Samity’s long life succeeding human’s development is her earnest anticipation.

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