About Us

PPSS is run by an Executive Committee, elected by the general members of PPSS who comprise the welfare of the Society as well as mankind, generally live in the project area and representatives of the group members.

Executive Committee of PPSS(2018-2021)

Mrs. Khushi Kabir – (Chairman)

Janab Abdul Kuddus Mollah – (Vice-Chairman)

Alhaj Waliar Rahman Khan– – (General Secretary & Executive Director )

Janab Atiqur Rahman Khan – (Joint General Secretary)

Janab Syed Nazmul Hossain – (Treasurer)

Dr. Moslema Hossen Tonni  – (Member)

MD  Imrul Hossen   – (Member)

MD Halim Mia  – (Member)

Total number of members, in this organization is———–71209.

Structure of the organization’s organogram.

Job Creation (IGA'S)

  • Small Enterprises 
  • Small Traders 
  • Poultry 
  • Livestock
  • Fisheries 
  • Agriculture 
  • Nursery 
  • Dairy Farm 
  • Handicrafts 
  • Cottage Industry 
  • Processing & Production
  • Grocery 
  • Shops and Services 
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