Disaster Management (Climate change )

PPSS also takes initiatives during disaster and any short of natural calamities. During disaster period, affected people have been given free medical services along with relief and rehabilitation supports from PPSS own fund as well as by joint venture.

To mention PPSS have played a great role in long durable “ Mohamari (KORONA) in the year 2020. Relief and Rehabilitation activities discharged in keeping with exigencies and our ability among flood victim of our working areas in and around the affected Faridpur district. Free medical treatment and medicine, water-purified tablet, saline water, dry food and clothes etc. were distributed. It is need to be mentioned that Cyclone (SIDR) affected groups members in our Gopalgonj working area have received our support and cooperation in rehabilitation program. We always stand by the destitute and helpless people enabling them to ear their own livelihood restoring human right too. This may be deemed as our regular activities as and when required.

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