Health Service, Sanitation & Water (WATSAN)

PPSS started Arsenic mitigation water supply program particularly in the village of komorpur and afforded good number of home base filters, rainwater harvests, wells and ponds for Arsenic free water supply at that time. which are going on as expanded basis in other working areas too.

PPSS gives importance to health and sanitation. It has sunk so many tube-wells and provided good number of sanitary latrines among rural peoples of the area by our 3 numbers, health clinics.This sanitation program provided sanitation coverage to 3806 number of family of Boalmari upojela. We are also discharging free medical treatment to the ailing people ensuring their good health.there also runs two unit of health clinic and have one medical Doctor,two medical assistant for free medical treatment. From PPSS the total number of general treatment is 30752 numbers.

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