“Palli Progoti Shahayak Samity” started its journey to remove illiteracy from the society in its inception.

The poverty vulnerabilities of rural people is due to poor education and no education. 

In its realization the founder of the Organization dreamt a dream of educational program and introduced adult education (Night School), Buniadi (Primary) School for poor community’s children and dropout students. In advocacy and lobbing with Govt. 35 Ananda Schools, BRAC’s sponsored 38 ESP School and 21 Buniadi Schools program had been successfully conducted by the organization. In primary stage 21Nos. Buniadi schools had been financed by OXFAM, Misorior, Novid, the noble foreign Donors. Donation being ceased by Govt. decision maintenance of 21 Schools was not possible. The strength had to be curtailed. At present 7 Buniadi Schools are being steadily running with full dignity and reputation– 21 Teachers and 1130 Students have been in teaching inclusion. 38Nos. (ESP) School’s Teacher  38  and 30 Students consisting each school are excellent in Operation.

‘‘Ananda” schools program have closed down according to Govt. decision 35Nos. of ‘‘Ananda school” at Boalmari upazila patronized by the ministry of public education enjoying good will of world Bank Swiss corporation’s economic cooperation had achieved maximum coverage of poor community’s children’s education (literacy). They people and children know 3-R’S, now reaping its advantage in their daily life.

Total schools in operation ………….. 45

Students ’’ ’’ ……………… 2270

Teachers (existing) …………….. …….. 59

School Inspector ………………… …….. 3

This Organization’s basic program is basic education to reach the goal of school social discrimination, prejudices, superstition and lagging behind husband’s obliteration from rural people’s impression and specs creating of sedulity and up and doingness practices among helpless rural community.

They people now do belief man is the architect of his own fortune derived from glow of education. 


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