Palli Pragati Shohayok Shomiti

“Confining The Poor With Unmanageable Credit With No Constructive Development plan, It  Is Better To Avoid Any Advance Credit.”- Waliar Rahman Khan

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PALLI PROGOTI SHAHAYAK SAMITY (ppss) is a rural Community Development Organization in Bangladesh. It works with and for the poorest and helpless sector of the community, particularly women, from 1979.  A worthy son of this soil and versatile genius Mr. Akber Kabir is the founder chairman and life long president of the Organization. Alhaj Waliar Rahman Khan activated aim and planning by strenuous effort and untiring present is confined to Faridpur, Rajbari, Madaripur, Goaplgonj, and Narail district. It started work in 03(three) villages in 02(two) Union in the year 1979. At present, it has covered about 1,087 villages of 193 Union in different districts of greater Faridpur & Narail.

The object is to empower the poor,  the deprived, and suppressed people creating awareness, encouraging, curiosity, and the ability to question, building unity, and co-operation increasing income generation. Emphasis is given against trafficking in women, illiteracy, and air pollution. Economic emancipation, Sanitation, Helth Service, forestation to maintain ecological balance, Women’s empowerment to build up a gender-balanced society has been given top priority in our goal of objectives. The strategy is to organize optimist poor people into groups, each comprising 20 to 30 persons. The groups meet once a week when they discuss their problems, are helped to find solutions, undertake savings, and develop income-generating projects. During discussion to eradicate poverty, acceleration of employment and income generation activities to achieve economic emancipation are given preference. To create awareness to build up unity to develop a spirit of cooperation and to foster self-confidence and literacy and human rights too. To bring the poor community in a systematic infrastructural pavement we extend them full cooperation, good advice, looking forward with hopes and aspirations.

Our Programs

  • Micro Credit and Micro Finance
  • Education Programs
  • Water and Sanitation (WATSAN)
  • Social Forestation
  • Traning
  • Health Service
  • Disaster Management
  • Mitigation of Air Pollution & Maintain Ecological Balance
  • Enrich (Samriddhi)
  • Insurance Service

Profile Of PKSF

Palli Karma Sahayak Foundation (PKSF) since its inception in May 1990 has been working as an apex microcredit funding and capacity building organization for eradicating poverty by providing microcredit to the poor through its Partner Organizations (POs). PKSF, in English, means “Rural Employment Support Foundation”. However, PKSF has expanded its operation to urban areas also.

Development Programs

Our motto is to eradicate the financial sickness from the society to create income generation activities to build up social awareness and establishing human rights and to remove illiteracy ensuring good health and sound nation. Anticipating   best-ensured life of the people of our organizational network.

Micro Credit


Disaster Management

Our Story
-Late Akbor Kobir
"For the better of the villagers. Villagers will direct organize their own welfares society and lead themselves. This is the main object of the PPSS."

Our Members of the PPSS

Executive Committee

General Committee

Member of the PPSS

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