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Palli progoty Shahayak Samity (PPSS) is an organization of the villagers for the villagers. It is founded by late Akbar Kabir. In the year 1979 and Alhaj Waliar Rahman Khan was the executive Director.


It is a multicultural community development organization working with the poorest sector of the community, These have been defined as those have uncertain income or no income. Who have less than 0.5 acre land or landless obviously exploited by the privileged sector of the community.


River Padma’s erosion and periodic flood regularly affect the residents. Natural calamities like eyclone and in incessant heavy rainfall smash the crops and tempt them to extent of non-farm activities and becomes poor day by day. Victims are to move seeking shelter and employment on different districts, consequently the people of this area loosing arable land and income and the organized family lead a down trodden and exploited lives.
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  • Relief Distribution at village area
    PPSS Bangladesh playing a vital role as a development organization in this global epidemic. PPSS Bangladesh has started program to distribute relief materials amongst 70 thousand poor and low-income families throughout the country. As a part of this program PPSS Bangladesh distributed relief among 400 families at village area Each family is getting a packet that contains rice (10kg), dal (2kg), cooking oil (1 liter), salt (1kg), potato (5kg), soap (2 pcs), bleaching powder (250gm) and mask (2pcs). The food packets distributed among low income and poor families maintaining social distance in presence of Government high officials and Public representative.